my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hun

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What is your favorite way to eat eggs





hermione could have made S.P.E.W. so much better if she had just hired interested house elves to bring muggle food into the castle

they can apparate in and out so they could bring mcdonalds to homesick first years and pizzas for late night study parties

the house elves could earn money via tips from the students while still working in a field they are comfortable in, which was one of the main reasons the elves opposed S.P.E.W. within the books

their freedom could be available to them as soon as they begin working as a delivery elf because they could be given uniforms, and then they are free to go at any time

and any house elves transitioning into the normal wizarding world would have stellar references because they served within hogwarts as free elves

for a muggleborn witch, hermione didn’t really think this through



Will dennys madness ever end

we know exactly what we are doing

some legends are told,
some turn to dust or to gold,
but you will remember me,
remember me,
for centuries.

listening to centuries like


A solid way to accept someone’s feelings.



All my favorite Harry Potter bad lip reading gifs I have collected 

I will reblog these every single time.

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